DT law firm represented Fast Enterprises, LLC in the dispute and settlement with Sygnity S.A.

Attorney Andrzej Tomaszek, managing partner at DT, and attorney Krzysztof Szczecina, partner at DT, represented Fast Enterprises, LLC – a U.S. leading provider of software for government agencies – in precedent-setting settlement proceedings concerning the e-Podatki [e-Taxes] project. E-Podatki is the largest IT contract in Poland aimed at the digitalization of the Polish tax administration.

Fast Enterprises, LLC provided in particular specialized software to Sygnity S.A, a Polish software manufacturer, for the purpose of implementing the e-Podatki project.

Court proceedings concerning this case have been ongoing since 2016. Each party had filed a claim against the other party exceeding PLN 20 million. Both proceedings were multi-faceted and concerned the details of the nation-wide implementation of IT solutions over many years of the project’s duration.

In February 2021, after several months of negotiations, the parties brought the long-standing dispute to an end by reaching a settlement before a court mediator. Under the settlement, Sygnity is to pay Fast Enterprises, LCC, over PLN 14 million; furthermore, the parties are to waive mutual claims. The performance of the settlement depends on the fulfillment of the conditions specified herein.

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